Top 5 Apps in App Store for iPhone/iPad on iOS Device:

App Store is a digital distribution platform, and it is maintained by Apple Inc. for an app on iOS. App Store allows users to download and browse application which is developed with Apple iOS. App Store has a lot of apps which can be downloaded to iOS devices like iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone. The availability of apps in App Store are also of two version premium and free. However, if you are looking for best apps in App Store for iPhone than in this post, I am going to share you the top 5 best Apps for iPhone in App Store. The following are best apps for iPhone in App Store. So, scroll down to check out what are the apps.

Netflix: Netflix is one of the best Apps in App Store for iPhone. It is a streaming app where you can stream TV shows, movies, and videos easily on your iPhone. This app also allows you to listen to any music online on your iPhone. But to use the app, you need to subscribe as it is a premium app.